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Foster Carers & Adoptive Parents

DGF Psychology are able to offer evidence based interventions. We have a strong behaviour management approach, coupled with behavioural and cognitive interventions.

Often the young people we support have histories of trauma and abuse, and we recognise the challenges faced by foster carers and adoptive parents. At DGF Psychology our goal is to support children, young people and their carers, parents and families to ameliorate some of those traumatic early life experiences. We acknowledge that foster carers and adoptive parents provide skilled care and support for damaged children, and that they too require support to develop and sustain relationships with children whose early life experiences may predispose them to a variety of behavioural and mental health issues

We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Happy children!
  • Increase in placement stability
  • Fewer children entering residential placements
  • Decrease in incidents / behaviours of concern
  • Increase in the reported levels of support by carers and staff
  • Increase in reflective practice of staff
  • Increased skill level of carers and staff
  • Increased confidence of carers and staff (audit and evaluation internally and externally)
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